How Do You Change

Only the dead are static. You are a dynamic, living person who isn’t content to sit around doing nothing. You’re going to get out into the occult underground and make waves. As you do, you’re going to make a rep for yourself. But you’re also going to get better at the things you do.

Instant Improvement

If you roll a matched success or failure on a major skill check, the skill you rolled against goes up 1% immediately. A given skill can only be improved this way once per session, but multiple skills can each improve once.

Experience Points

Raising a skill by 1 costs 1 XP. Raising a stat by 1 costs 2 XP. However, you can’t spend more than 3 XP on a single skill or 2 XP on a single stat in a single session. You can improve multiple skills and stats, however.

The only exception to this is buying new skills. Buying a new skill costs 10 XP. It starts out at 10%. You may need a teacher or special training to gain a new skill. If you want to fly a helicopter, for example, you need to take lessons.

How Do You Change

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